About Orison Hybrid Seeds LLP


We take pride in knowing we are striving to be perfect in what we do and we're getting there. Orison Hybrid Seeds LLP has extensive experience and expertise in hybrid development and seed production. We are especially qualified to meet special needs as we provide our customers with an excellent selection of proven planting material.

We are currently involved in hybrid & open pollinated seed production and marketing of all vegetable crops mainly like Tomato, Hot Pepper, Okra, Egg Plant and all types of melons and gourds etc. We are known for producing large volume of Tomato, Hot Pepper and Watermelon seeds Since Decade.

Orison is a budding and rapidly developing company, which aims at providing high yield and quality seeds to the farmers at the right time. It is dedicated to offer new hybrids, which are disease tolerant and can be adapted to specific growing conditions. It is focused to produce market oriented varieties and hybrids. Apart from leading producer and supplier of seed products, it has always paid attention to people, dedicated employees and trustful relationship with our customers, distributors has resulted in constant growth and success of the organization. Our motto is to see each farmer with happiness and prosperity.

We are Possession with world class Processing Plant, modern nursery, administrative office, quality lab, godowns, production, and storage and development facilities to meet the Industry standards. We are committed to quality, towards this end modern quality lab arrangements are in place, which is the prime and unique feature of Orison.

Our sales and marketing offices are established across the country to meet the regional requirements; Our Zonal Offices are in Bangalore and Delhi. Our staff is provided with vehicle facilities to ensure timely completion of work with efficiency and effectiveness. Currently we have five production centers with product testing sites and well trained staffs with more than 5000 dedicated growers. We strictly follow the standard operating system for Research, Production and quality checks etc before seed reaches market.